Update June 2021

YES! There will be a release concert for the Habitus album. I was thinking how to make a release concert possible, even though rules are changing so quickly in the pandemy. It is difficult to make plans months ahead, and that’s one of the many premises for arranging a concert. You will need enough time.

So I came up with an interesting idea that might make it easier to arrange a concert in a pandemy AND it’s also scenically interesting. The concert will be held at the Atlantic Ocean Road in my home-region, Hustadvika. The music will come from its own little island, while the audience will be on another island, which has a connection to the road. I don’t know if there have been similar concerts at the place, though I think it is an excellent spot for experimenting as such. I might have avoided the pandemic implications of arranging a concert, but there’s still one thing that might change things: The weather. After many years in Oslo, where the sun always shines, it’s easy to forget how powerful the winds can get at the tip of Europe. I’m still working on a backup-plan, but let’s hope we won’t need that.

Anyhow, tickets for the concert are now for sale here:

Update May 2021

Not one, but TWO singles have been released from Habitus! These can be found on most platforms where you listen to music, and just below you will find the Spotify versions.

“Theme from a dream” was the very first composition I started working with for this album, and it all started with a faint melodic line that I couldn’t get away from in a dream. This line continued to tease me when I woke up, and I had no other choice but to play around with it and write it down. This very start was in January 2020, and I’ve worked continously on this album since then until around January 2021.

“Deep dive” was created much later in the process. I had started getting used to the recording setting and all the equipment, and I felt more comfortable playing together with earlier recorded sound by the very same instrument I then made new recordings with. The composition centers around a harmonic line that I learned on one of my trips to Bulgaria, and I realized I had heard that line in so many contexts before. A cliché became a cliché because it was something likeable, or maybe noticeable, I think. Perhaps that’s what made me use these cliché-harmonies in Deep dive, because I think it’s something that deserves to be noticed.

Update March 2021

The graphics design of the album is finished and physical copies have been sent to manufacturing! If you would like to preorder this album, get in touch through igrarecords@gmail.com.

Album cover of Habitus.
Photo credits: Åse Grete Farstad

Since the start of the pandemy, I’ve been working on a big project. This has resulted in an album, which I would like to call “Habitus”. Habitus is a term used by the philosopher Pierre Bourdieu, where he discussed the embodiment of cultural capital, through deeply ingrained skills, dispositions and habits that we possess due to our life experiences. This comes into reality in this album as I am doing things that I as a musician have experienced is “good”.

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