Batkakollen was started in 2017 by Bjørn-Petter and Daniel Deltchev who both had their wish to establish a band for their separate exam projects at different schools. The band continued after the exams but have had some changes in its members. The original crew was Bjørn-Petter and Daniel, plus Simen Wie on bass and Gabriel Øien Carstensen on drums, but later on Gabriel moved to Sweden and Per Kamfjord joined on drums. Today the band is in search of a new drummer.

Bjørn-Petter Tøsse – Accordion and synth

Daniel Deltchev – Guitars

Fredrik Eide Nilsen – Bass

(In Norwegian) Batkakollen + Petar Ralchev at Jungeltelegrafen, Norwegian Radio (NRK P2):

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