This is my solo album, which I composed, recorded and mixed all by myself during the first year of the Covid pandemy (2020). It was finished in January 2021 and released in August 2021 with a tremendous concert out on an isolated island outside of the Atlantic Ocean Road by the coast of Norway.
I started learning guitar because I got a job teaching guitar. This was the very first thing I learned and I’ve been using it in different ways with students.
What I didn’t know when I got the job as a guitar teacher was that I would also have students on bass. So I bought a bass and started learning this instrument as well. Here’s the first tune I recorded bass on. The second tune was “Have you seen the rain?” by Creedence Clearwater, but I’ve not recorded that.
Been doing some synth lines for Tol_Phuk. Some of his later music has also been released on my label Igra Records.