Bjørn-Petter Tøsse (1994) is a musician and composer from Skotten in Norway. As he comes from a farm far west in Norway where nobody lives except his family, hundred bulls, some dogs and a cat called Worm, he got to devote all of his childhood to practicing music. When he turned five, his mother bought him a Nintendo 64, which also led him to become a devoted speedrunner of Super Mario 64.

He is a three times Norwegian champion of the accordion and has additionally gotten multiple prices and rewards in Norway and in other countries, mainly in music, but also in fields like stock marketing and mathematics. Tøsse started his music studies at the local cultural school, and since then he has studied music at NTNU in Trondheim, Toneheim in Hamar and he has taken a bachelor in Balkan folk music at the Norwegian Academy of Music. Currently Tøsse is working on his master’s degree focusing on Bulgarian wedding music. When Bjørn-Petter Tøsse is not playing music or composing, he works on his own and other people’s computers if they should need a fix or an upgrade.